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ABOUT RNDSQR’s first addition to Winnipeg in the Exchange District, a National Historic Site full of heritage.
210 rental apartments split between two sites surround a restored 16,000 square-foot heritage building.
90 Alexander marries commercial and office space with residential units on one site.
COMMERCIAL Surrounded by residential dwelling units, the restored 16,000 square-foot heritage building hosts commercial and office space for a dynamic retail and working experience.


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”round • square”

RNDSQR builds up inner-cities through thoughtful placemaking. We build more than simply four walls; we use design as a tool to promote collision points and opportunities for collaboration.

We put our users' experience at the forefront of everything we do, so people can get more out of their lives. We are a small team striving for bigger impacts with less impact. It's simple, we design and build for people.

RNDSQR wants to make you rethink the way you rent. Thoughtfully built homes with design elements, and amenities that support the local business ecosystem.

Why The
Exchange District?
Architectural history

As a National Historic Site of Canada, the Exchange District is the home to over 150 heritage buildings built between 1880 and 1920. These buildings were built with sophisticated turn-of-the-century architectural styles, including Italianate, Chicago School style, and Beaux-Arts.

90 Alexander pays homage to these traditional styles, while marrying it with innovative and contemporary architecture, creating a space where people can get the most of what the Exchange District has to offer.

We want to create smarter cities, where human-centered design is the first step in creating any infrastructure, where an artists' inclusion is in the early stages of development, where the barista knows your name. Where the inner-city is a place to meet, see, and experience things that are a short walk or bike ride away.

Winnipeg's Cultural Hub

As one of the most vibrant neighbourhoods in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, the Exchange District is filled with local restaurants, pubs, breweries, art galleries, coffee shops, design agencies, tech start-ups and more. This diverse community fosters a culture that inspires innovation, creativity and connection.

When we think about the future, we think about our friends, families, and what they ultimately want out of life. For us, it's family; it's running into an old friend in the market; it's being a good neighbour, and creating places where people build community.

When cities are built-up instead of built-out, we have an opportunity to create less waste, create less loneliness, and create a new way of collaborating. We do this for a more well-designed and thoughtful future.

We hear many companies say they 'create community,' we are even guilty of this. What we've realized is that brands are nothing without people rallying around their ideas. Companies don't create communities; like-minded people with shared values do.

Accommodations & attractions

There's always something to to do in the Exchange, whether you're exploring the creative talent at the many arts-driven festivals and events, or going shopping at one of the 40 + local retailers.

We've partnered with community-minded businesses to enhance the day-to-day life of our RNDSQR tenants. We believe that supporting each other is integral to a vibrant, healthy community and key to loving where you live.

We can't do RNDSQR alone. We need people to rally around the idea that collaborating will create a better future for us all. We will provide the space and design, but we ask you to bring warmth, love, and ultimately the life to our buildings.